You're only supposed to blow the Bloody doors off!

Captivate the crowd in the time to really make it happen! You could be wowing a potential client, a new boss, a big investor. Sav will deliver a strong, confident, and captivating sales message anchoring it to your product or service.

Armed with his bag of tricks that will blow the doors off, bring the roof down and smash away any doubts in their minds than you are anything other than the ONE!

  • Prioritise client goals and objectives. To promote brand values. creating powerful bespoke presentations and storytelling.
  • Pre-qualifying show attendes by as potential leads. Creating introductions as prospects to your exhibition team staff.
  • If needed, Sav will accompany your team to any after-show parties or networking events as a magical ‘wing man’ to facilitate introductions with clients and suppliers.
  • Can Incorporate social media tricks /iPad magic to the show.