Have ‘MAGIC’ as one of your brand values?

With over 30 years of making the impossible possible. 

Magic is an exciting and fun way to communication a message, change perceptions of motivate people into action. The reason for this is that for centuries people who have the power to do magic have been haled a god like touch been able to influence and entertain their audience into an awe like trace. 

These methods of exploiting ancient cognitive blind spots in human behaviour to influence people has in our view only scratching the surface in terms of its potential and effectiveness within the brand and business arena. That is because as the channels of communications become vastly more frequent and fragmented increasing competition for mind space when communicating to both customers and employees. 

Storytelling, humour, analogies and metaphors are all popular techniques when conveying any form of communication. Magic on the other hand is an un tapped resource which can bridge all of the above bringing together the big idea that people will remember and recall.