Roving Magic
Close-quarter magic has a few different names such as strolling magic and walkabout magic but they are all different names for moving from group to group entertaining with pop-up close up magic during cocktail receptions, networking parties, summer events. The street magician approaches a small group of 2-6 guests are gently breaks into the group before unleashing if you will ‘kick-ass’ eye popping magic. 

Stand-up / Speakeasy Show
 A  small crowd head off to discover a small side room… 
  • An immersive show by an exclusive magician, rather than just being shown some spontaneous tricks as per mix and mingle. 
  • People see the magic without interruptions from other guests, waiters etc and therefore get a much more a personal and pampered experience

  • Its possible to control the environment (i.e. where people sit etc) – you’re not restricted to the typical close up tricks and can offer bigger effects. 

Bespoke / Immersive Installations
So, are you Looking for a game changer? Why not incorporate magic into your very own bar or establishment… Use Sav's unique skill set as experiential creative consultant to give edge and Impact to your latest ad campaign. Captivate the crowd, wow a potential client, a new boss, a big investor! Sav will deliver a strong, confident, and captivating sales message anchoring it to your product or service.