Ian Sav (aka) Deceptionist®

Sav uses deception to create incredible 'magic moments' altering perceived reality and exploiting cognitive blindspots. With a Degree in 'Visual Arts' and longstanding member of the Magic Circle, Over for the past two decades he has entertained many movers and shakers & big name brands and celebrities with tens of thousands of performance hours.

Performing for some of the globes biggest names private tables; Muhammad Ali, Mel B, Keira Knightley, Steve Wynn, Sir Terance Conran, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Kings of Leon and Michael Schumacher are just a few of the stars that have witnessed Sav‘s brand of deception. Also, to boot he's beguiled a real life King and Queen in their residence. 


Once he made Samsungs CEO appear on stage and for one client even made $1,000,000 appear as part of an immersive installation. He's devised bespoke magic for Google and a whole host of other companies. On the books with various advertising and marketing  agencies that use him to create brand stories & powerful moments. Breaking the ice at networking events, sporting hospitality greenrooms and trade exhibitions.​


Described by many as humble likeable chap with a safe set of magic hands. Since 1999  this  magician-about-town hired by royalty, blue chip corporations and many movers and shakers delivering tens of thousands of solid polished performances.

He'll flawlessly perform in an intelligent and contemporary style; be it walk around magic / table magic or stage. His  sleight-of-hand magic and marvellous mind-reading he's the 'must have' at your next event.​  Corporate events, trade shows, weddings and private parties. His ability to seamlessly blend in and  create maximum and memorable moments  that will be talked about for years to come. 

Book him for his 'Magic after Dark Show' or even book to learn magic on his Sleightclub magic classes; on it you'll hear fun stories of and gain a solid base if you want to pursue the 'art of magic' as a future pastime. 

Appearing regularly at Soho House(s) and Mews of Mayfair as in-house resident. (Check for details)

"Extraordinary" - HRH Prince William 

"F**K Yeah! Your Magic Rocks!" - Kings of Leon

"Astounding" - Miss Tracey Emin