Ian Sav (aka) Deceptionist®

Sav uses deception to create incredible 'magic moments' altering perceived reality and exploiting cognitive blindspots. With a Degree in 'Visual Arts' and longstanding member of the Magic Circle, Over for the past two decades he has entertained many movers and shakers & big name brands and celebrities with tens of thousands of performance hours.

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Hear what people have to say.

Sav is without question one of the most creative, talented peopleI have ever worked with. He has exceptional skill which, combinedwith his infectious enthusiasm and absolute reliability makes hima great person to know! I would highly recommend him.

Kate Smallwood - Freelance Journalist

Amazing, captivating, and highly entertaining. Sav makes you question your own eyesight at times and on many occasions has left me wondering how did that just happen. He is engaging and has to ability to fit into any environment. I would hire Sav at the drop of hat for a corporate event or personal celebration knowing that those who attended would leave with the same amazement I have every time I see him at work.

Daniel Bennetts - Trading Controller - TV Retention at Sky

One of the most gifted people I've ever met in any industry! Met at a dinner party and immediately booked him for our company Christmas party. Sav is prodigiously talented, happy to chat to muggles about the ins and outs of what he does. Some truly amazing tricks in his repertoire, and great with the crowd. Highly recommended!

George Spencer - Founder at Rentify

Sav worked with us a Chinawhite for around 5 years. In this time he astounded, amazed and wowed thousands of our members and their guests with seamless sleight-of-hand and seemingly impossible feats of mind-reading. To boot Sav has great charm and charisma and would make a perfect maitre'd as he really understands how a discerning London audience want to be treated when he interacts. During his time spent at Chinawhite he perfomed annually at The Guards Polo event where he entertained backstage on many occasions for many A list Celebrities. I'd recommend him for any event where a top-flight magician is required a perfect party guest! 

John Stephen - Founder of Chinawhite

Sav is a brilliant Magician!

Jim Miller - Global Head of Active Talent Channels at Google

Sav has been and always will be one of my favorite professionals within the genre of public performance. I say this because I have been in a public setting without props or bystander assistance and witnessed the brilliance, joy and wonder that he brings to people. This art brings us all together in wonderment, laughter and happiness. Thank you for giving us all that needed break! I hope that many others get to experience your craft and truly enjoy themselves as I have.

David Andrew - CEO at Davidson Joseph